Siena is stunning! The streets are like nothing I’ve seen before.

We arrived yesterday and after receiving terrible directions a 3km walk turned into a who-knows-how-far, two hour walk. Good fun with the backpacks.

Once we arrived into town though, and had a bit of a rest, we were eager to have a walk around and explore the streets. We had pasta and wine in Piazza del Campo followed by more gelato.

Today, we bought an Opa Si Pass that gave us access to the cathedral, Libraria Piccolomini, battistero, cripta, Museo dell’Opera and Panorama dal Facciatone.

We spent the day walking around stunned. We started with the Panorama dal Facciatone which was breathtaking. We followed a spiral staircase that led us to the top and gave us the most beautiful view. Hayden, being scared of heights, couldn’t stand on the top and tried to enjoy the height sitting.

We then made out way back down to the Museo dell’Opera which had the most amazing stained glass windows I’ve ever seen. Today was a clear, warm day too which enhanced the view and really made the colours in the windows glow.

We then went to the cripta and saw what’s left of wall paintings telling stories of Jesus. From there we went to the cathedral that included the Libraria Piccolomini.

The cathedral was mindblowing! Again, the detail and amount of work seen to be put into the building is nothing like I’ve seen before. From the marble carvings to the paintings, pictures don’t do justice. Inside, we were able to light candles. I lit one for my great grandparents and Hayden lit one too.

After the cathedral was the Libraria Piccolomini and the battistero. Both of which are on par with the rest in regards to detail and work.

We then finished the day with the torture museum. It was as creepy as it sounds and included physical items used for torture. Besides the fact that the methods were unbelievable, the museum has multiple levels that get colder the lower you go and creepier the further you go with its narrow staircases and paintings of people undergoing the torture.

All in all, today has been full of excitement, fear on Hayden’s behalf, awe and plain creepiness. It’s been great!


Check out Siena pics or browse the Europe 2016 gallery!


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