We arrived in Florence yesterday in pouring rain and window shaking thunder. When it cleared, we were able to go out with a group of people and see the streets.

We went on a walking tour and learnt a bit about the history of Florence. We then went to a leather shop and were told how things are made from leather and how to tell the real from the fake. Not that we’re able to fit any more in our backpacks.

After the leather shop was a jewellery shop that had some Pandora charms and Nominations bracelets and charms. Once everyone had finished window shopping we were off to dinner.

Dinner was a delicious four course meal and yes I did finish every course. Then it was karaoke time!

I’ll admit that I didn’t get up on the stage and considering I lost my voice on the way to Europe somehow, it just wasn’t going to happen. The boys got up and sung their hearts out. It was definitely a night to remember!

Once the boys had sung their duets and happy hour ended, it was off to a shisha bar. It was great being able to get to know everyone and even though all but one of us were Aussie, we all live very different lives.

Today was a lot more relaxed. Hayden and I bought a Duomo pass that gave us access to the cathedral, Battistero, bell tower, duomo and the Il Grande Museo Del Duomo.

Hayden and I did all but the museum today and will finish it off tomorrow. Hayden with his fear of heights couldn’t get further than the first floor of the duomo and the second floor of the bell tower. I took one for the team and strolled to the top of both making sure to take pictures of the view for Hayden.


Check out Florence pics or browse the Europe 2016 gallery!


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