Corniglia, Cinque Terre

I hands down recommend Cinque Terre, La Spezia, to anyone and everyone! Cinque Terre is an area of La Spezia made up of five towns. We stayed in the third one, Corniglia.

We did miss the bus but luckily it was easy enough to get to by train. That’s the last time I go out before a morning bus ride. When we got to Corniglia the weather couldn’t have been better. Apparently there had been a storm that morning leaving our hostel without internet, phone or eftpos but none of that matters in a place that’s so picturesque.

It only worked out that we had one and a half days there so on our full day we walked to the next town, Vernazza. The walk was so pretty, filled with stairs but totally worth it. Unfortunately because of time and damage to the track leading to the next town, that was the only walk we were able to do.

In Vernazza we had lunch at the marina then I climbed to the top of what seemed to be an old castle, although you can only go up the tower, not the rest. Hayden was up there for a full minute before appreciating the ground again.

The only downside to the stay was that we weren’t there for longer. I definitely want to go back and would probably spend about five days there to see each of the towns.


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