Lake Como

To put it in a nutshell, your time at Como will be determined by the weather you get. Our first afternoon wasn’t too bad but we didn’t have too much time to do anything so we just explored before having dinner. Our second day had a dry morning so we jumped on a ferry hoping to explore other towns on the lake.

Our first stop was really nice, we weren’t there for long but we were able to look out onto the lake whilst waiting for the next ferry. From there we went to Lenno. After walking around and lunch, it started to rain. Then thunder. Then storm.

We waited for the next ferry with the hope that we would beat the storm to Bellagio. Turned out a group of about 50 kids had the same idea and we missed our stop. Onto Menaggio we went. As did the storm.

When we arrived, we realised that the last ferry we had tickets for had already gone for the day so we had to by tickets to a different boat going to Como. We took shelter in a pub with watery beer and no reception for the Eurocup.

The silver lining was that our ferry back to Como was the speed line so we were back in the warmth of our room within the hour.

The next day though, was beautiful! We only had the morning before getting on the bus for Switzerland so we stocked up on the buffet breakfast and headed for the funicular.

The view over the lake was amazing and even better, I climbed to the top of a lighthouse and was able to enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Como all to myself. The best euro I’ve spent so far.


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2 thoughts on “Lake Como

  1. On to Switzerland and the most breathtaking of countries. Can’t wait to hear what you see while you are there. You are in for a real highlight of your trip so far.


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