Picture Switzerland in your head. That’s exactly how it looks. The grass is almost unrealistically green, the sky’s blue and the snow is blindingly white.

On our way here we were fortunate enough for our bus driver to pull over at a lookout for us all to gaze over and take some snaps. We didn’t get into Lauterbrunnen until dinner time so it was dinner and farewells to our new made friends then off to bed and they were off to Munich.

We started our first day with white water rafting in glacier waters through the alps. It had rained the night before so the water was flowing hard! It was a complete ball, workout and surreal! Throughout the course we had to practice rescuing each other from rapids, were able to swim through a rapid and ended up in the second largest and deepest lake of Switzerland, Lake Brienzersee.

When we rowed in, we were told to put a hand in the water and feel the temperature change as we left the glacier water and entered the lake. After being in glacier water, anything would have been warmer but feeling the change happen was something else! We were then able to get out of the raft and have a swim before returning to the base for warm showers and a free drink.

That afternoon we went for a walk around Lauterbrunnen and with the town consisting of one main street, it didn’t take long. Where we’re staying is across the road from the Staubbach Fall so we climbed up and were able to follow a path the led us behind the waterfall. Hayden went pretty well with the height and with the recent rain, we were both able to stand back and watch the water gush in front of us.

The day after, we bought tickets for the Murren loop. This included cable car rides, train rides and access to Trummelbach Falls. The views we got on the cable cars and trains were beautiful! The weather wasn’t the best but from that height, it was lovely being able to look down onto the valley.

After our awing trip to the Trummelbach Falls, we browsed our way through the 10 waterfalls, some indoors. Again, because of the recent rain, the water was thundering down. It was nothing like we had experienced before, being able to hear water smashing the walls at such a force before being able to even see the waterfall.

I just noticed how long this blog is but hang in there! There’s more!

Yesterday, we went to the highest point of Europe! We got up nice and early and got the cog train up to Jungfraujoch. We were able to hop off twice along the way for panoramic pictures then back on the train we got for the highest train station in Europe.

When we got there we found there was more than just looking out windows to do! We went to the ice palace that has impressive sculptures, we went through a tunnel that had information on the creation of the train line and Jungfraujoch, we were able to go out on a platform and yes Hayden did manage to go out, he just enjoyed the snowy mountain view away from the edge.

After that we were able to actually go outside and into snow! Whilst this isn’t my first time with snow, it’s always exciting experiencing something you don’t really get to at home. Hayden, however, had never seen or felt real snow before! That man-made stuff at home barely counts. He absolutely loved it and built a little snowman. He was just like a kid at Christmas!

Today, is our last day here so we’re trying fondue, rosti and some Swiss drinks we don’t know the names of.


Check out Lauterbrunnen pics or browse the Europe 2016 gallery!


2 thoughts on “Lauterbrunnen

  1. I hope Switzerland and Jungfroujoch were as spectacular as you imagined and more. Well worth the cost of saying you have been to the highest train station in the world.


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