Being the fashion capital, us backpackers may have stood out but we had such a good time wondering what it would be like to have a wardrobe full of expensive and up to date clothes let alone being able to ride a bicycle in them!

The place we stayed at was the best yet. We crawled into Ostello Bello in mid thirty degree heat dragging our backpacks and were greeted with free pasta and a drink. Such a saviour. The entire time we were there we were given free breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Once we had stocked up on carbs, we bought a duomo ticket and had a look around the cathedral, the crypt and an archeological area under the cathedral.

That night, Portugal had a game and Italy played the game after. Our hostel set up a projector and sitting area for everyone to indulge in the free food and cheer the teams on. Some of the staff were Portuguise so both games were loud, lively and so much fun!

The next day we were off to the castle. Unfortunately the inside of the castle isn’t in its original state, or at least the parts the public are able to access aren’t. The inside of the castle is mainly used as galleries and exhibitions and for a few euro we could look at them all. Whilst we’re not the most interested in art, it was still nice to look at and explore the parts of the castle we could.

After the castle we climbed to the top of the cathedral. Up there we were able to look over Milan and see the greater detail of the sculptures up there. Unfortunately there was some construction up there so some scaffolding was blocking part of it but what we could see was lovely regardless.

Whilst we didn’t have a lot of time in Milan, the time we did have was so much fun! Maybe one day I’ll be able to do more than window shop there.


Check out Milan pics or browse the Europe 2016 gallery!


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