Nice, Pt. 2

Nice is just as good the second time around. We’ve had good weather, went sailing and were lucky enough for France to play in the Eurocup while we were here!

We spent yesterday on a yacht. It’s a hard life, I know, but someone’s got to do it. Believe it or not, the captain for some reason let me drive/sail for a while! He enjoyed his muesli bar and cigarette as I sweated and stood on my tippy toes to see over everyone’s heads.

Once I chickened out, we got to gawk at Roman Abramovich’s yacht. To be honest, it looked like more a cruise ship with all of its levels, jet skis and smaller boats. Then we sailed on and dropped anchor where we were able to jump off the side of the yacht into the French Riviera.

The water was beautiful! So clear and blue it was hard to believe how deep it was. After about an hour of swimming and snacking, it was off to Cannes. We were able to jump off again, some of us got to snorkel too.

I thought a lot of wealth was in Milan and while there probably is, this was just a whole new level! Owning a regular boat is pretty cool but having a boat that you have to get a boat out to, to use the jet skis that are on the bigger boat as well as all of life’s other necessities, is mindblowing.

Since there was little wind the sail wasn’t up so we couldn’t hide from the sun. We’re definitely paying for it now but this sunburn came from the French Riviera so that’s something, right?

Today we went to the older part of Nice where they hold the markets and they were so lovely! It’s funny how much the smell changes as you walk from the fresh flowers to the bakeries to the vegetables then the fruit and of course, soap.

While we were there we were able to watch a brass band perform. They were so entertaining! They all looked like they were having such a good time.

After the markets was lunch and France vs Ireland. The streets were mad! The security here is pretty intense with local police, national police and the military all on guard. The fan zone was full of colour and people singing. Once we had lunch we found a spot in a bar where we were able to celebrate France’s victory!

Nice has proved itself to be a diverse and lively place. I’m not sure what it’s like without the Eurocup but I’m sure it’s fun regardless.

Tomorrow, Barcelona!


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