Where to begin? I thought the days were long in Italy but Barcelona has been something else! The city revolves around siesta and nightlife. A lot of tourist attractions don’t open until 10am then you can get coffee until midnight before heading out to a club or a few around one or two.

Our first night here we went out for tapas and that was enough for us to love the place. After that we went to a pub to watch the game, unfortunately the team we were going for lost but the loss was soon recovered with a trip to a club. The music was great and the drinks even better.

The next day was definitely a down day. We checked into a new hostel then wandered the streets. The architecture here is amazing and stands out incredibly next to the apartment buildings.

The day after I accidentally booked tickets to the wrong Gaudi thing. I still don’t know what I booked but it wasn’t Casa Batllo. So we went to Parc Montjuic and visited the botanical gardens. Then we caught the cable car to Montjuic Castle which was great to walk around. The castle has been so well maintained and is in the nicest location with water views. After browsing the castle we were back on the cable car and down to Mirador. Mirador was full of gardens and they seemed endless and tangled with pathways. We weren’t able to navigate the whole thing but what we could was impressive enough.

Yesterday we went to the Casa Batllo after I finally managed to book it. It was beautiful! The inside is just as weird as the outside and has an underwater theme. Then we were off to the markets which were full of meat and fruit. Full. The colours of the juice were insane and they tasted just as good. Then we visited the Sagrada Familia.

The Sagrada Familia is stunning inside and out. The outside was so impressive but the inside was my favourite. With the warm weather of Barcelona, the stained glass covered the cathedral walls in a rainbow. While it’s still under construction, the inside was mind blowing and I highly recommend the visit to anyone going to Barcelona.

Today, we went to the wax museum. It was good fun with the sculptures really ranging in theme. From Hitler to Yoko and Lennon, there was quite a bit covered. My favourite part was the horror where the figure of Frankenstein actually moved.

We’ve seen so much here but I still feel like there’s more to see. Tomorrow morning though we’re off to Madrid!


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