San Sebastian

I’d heard San Sebastian is beautiful in Summer with its sunny days and beaches. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case for us. At best it was overcast so our excitement for beach days diminished quickly. Luckily, there’s quite a bit to see and do here as well as relaxing at the bars.

Our first day we spent the morning waiting for the weather to clear. This never happened so it was time for Plan B, an indoor activity. We headed off to the aquarium. It actually had a bit more in it than tanks, though that was my favourite part. The beginning of the aquarium was an exhibition on San Sebastian and the Basque culture in regards to the sea and past whaling.

Though the aquarium was kind of small, it did feature quite a variety of exotic fish as well as local fish. My favourite part was the glass tunnel you walked through where fish, sharks and stingrays could swim around you.

Once we had seen all there was, we explored a bit before dinner and the game. It was the Eurocup final, Portugal versus France, so we found a spot in a pub to watch. Supporting Portugal, we soon realised we were in a pub of France supporters. Luckily enough, and spoiler alert if you’ve avoided looking at scores, Portugal won!

We woke today hoping for warmer weather but instead it was raining. No chance of beach today. So we bit the bullet and walked up to the huge statue of Jesus that overlooks the coast. On the way, we went through a small castle. The views were amazing and outdid each other with every new level we went up. When we reached Jesus we were able to enjoy panoramic views, as well as the massive Jesus statue of course.

Once we had enjoyed the views we headed back down, stopped off at an old cemetery, then caught up with a fellow traveler we had met in our early days.

Tomorrow we’re off to Tours. It was a bit disappointing not being able to go to the beach after looking forward to it for so long but we still enjoyed what San Sebastian had to offer.


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