Tours has been a lovely little stop after the intensity of Spain. We arrived in the afternoon so we just had a walk around and went out for dinner. It was possibly one of the best meals I’ve had so far on the trip, marinated chicken with sautéed mushrooms, onions and potatoes. Yuuuuum.

Today we caught a train to Chenonceau Chateau and Jardins. It was so beautiful and we had really good weather so the gardens were lush green and the river under the chateau was flowing. We were able to explore both levels, both gardens, the maze, 16th century farm, hospital, cellars and donkey field. Each section was as impressive as the last with everything so well maintained. Luckily the maze was easy enough for Hayden to navigate with his height and I was able to follow. I can only imagine how it would be to get lost amongst the maze, gardens or chateau whilst living there… If only.

Once we had covered all ground, we caught the train back and went to the Cathedral St Gatien. It was another cathedral of brightly coloured windows and impressive architecture. Attached to the cathedral are the La Psalette Cloisters which you are able to visit. Unfortunately you aren’t able to see any rooms but there was a nice courtyard and we were able to go up to the second level and onto the balcony.

After that it was off to Chateau de Tours. We weren’t aware that the inside is basically a showroom rented out to artists but the exhibitions on at the moment interested us, surprisingly enough.

Once we had walked through, pretending to know a little bit if anything about art, we went to the Jardin Fancois Sicard. Though it wasn’t as big as those at the first chateau we went to, we were still impressed by the neatness of the gardens, given we don’t have anything like this at home.

Tours has made us very jealous of its history, parks and maintenance. We had hoped to visit Chateau Chambord but weren’t able to get any public transport to it. Nonetheless, what we were able to see was definitely appreciated.


Check out Tours pics or browse the Europe 2016 gallery!


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