Bruges is so lovely! Walking through the streets it’s as if we’ve stepped back in time with the quaint houses and little shops. Unfortunately we only have an over night stay here but I definitely want to come back.

We got here around lunch time and since we’re going to Tomorrowland tomorrow, we were on a tent hunt. We’ll be camping for five days and knew one place in Bruges sold tents.

On our way there we stumbled across an Aldi and nearly bought a pop up beach tent but remembered it rains so much here that it probably wouldn’t be the wisest decision. Cheapest but not the wisest. We agreed if we couldn’t find a tent then that would have to do but worried it would blow away. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Fortunately we found the camping store and although the tent we were looking for had sold out we were still able to settle on one. Unlike the pop up beach tent, it’s big and actually has pegs to hold it down so that’s always a bonus.

Once we had our tent and some food for the festival we explored what could of the area. It’s so beautiful and we were lucky enough to come during a small festival so there was live music in the main square.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay out too long because we had to pack but we loved every bit we were able to see.

Tomorrowland is a dream come true for me. It’s a festival I’ve wanted to attend for years and never thought I’d be able to. I still can’t believe that I’ll be there tomorrow but I can’t wait!


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