This is my second attempt at this blog after finishing the first and it not uploading properly. Happy days. So there’s heaps to do in Paris. We arrived on Bastille Day and went to the Eiffel Tower after dinner to watch the fireworks.

They were the most coordinated fireworks I’ve ever seen and so beautiful coming off the Eiffel Tower. We had tried to get a spot in the park but the train skipped the stop we needed, then two more, but we were able to get a good enough view on the street. Once the fireworks had finished and most families had left we went for a walk along the water and were able to get some really beautiful pictures of the Eiffel tower. It turned out that a truck parked under it had caught on fire after some fireworks malfunctioned but it was put out quickly.

A friend of ours was in a different part to watch the fireworks and said that hundreds started running after someone became spooked. We were lucky enough to have avoided anything like that in our area but heard about the Nice attack on our way home. Our excitement for Bastille Day deteriorated as we had a friend in Nice at the time so we hurried back to connect to wifi and try to contact her.

She had decided to leave the fireworks in Nice a couple of minutes early. She crossed the road minutes before the truck went though killing 84 people including 10 children, as stated in latest articles. She got caught in the crowd and ran into an alley to hide until the banging stopped then hid in her hostel when she was able to make it back. Getting into contact with her was such a relief.

The next day was quiet. It was the last time we got to see one of the people we had been traveling with so we spent the day exploring with her. We went to the Louvre but not inside and Notre Dame but again, not inside.

The day after we checked into a new hostel then went to Champs Élysées. I did a bit of shopping, just H&M nothing too extravagant, then we climbed the Arc de Triumphe. We were lucky enough for it to be a really clear day and we went in the afternoon so it wasn’t too bright either. The view down Champs Élysées was so nice. It was also funny to see people lined down the middle of the six lane road trying to get the perfect selfie.

The next day we climbed the Eiffel Tower. We accidentally booked elevator tickets however Hayden booked the tickets so maybe he subconsciously knew he wouldn’t make it up that high if it were via stairs. Again, we had a really clear day so the views were amazing, especially down the river.

The day after we were hoping to go to the catacombs but it turns out it’s closed on Mondays. Back to Notre Dame we went and actually went inside this time. Yet another beautiful cathedral with impressive stained glass windows. I’ll have to admit though, Sagrada Familia is still my favourite.

Once we had seen it all we caught the train to Montmartre and although we didn’t have enough time to get up the hill to the basilica, we found a really interesting cemetery. It sounds creepy but the graves were incredible. Unfortunately we weren’t able to walk through the whole thing but we headed back to our hostel and quickly got ready for the Moulin Rouge.

It was amazing! The performers were so fit, the costumes were amazing and looked so hard to perform in. My favourite part was when one of the performers jumped into the pool, yes the stage turns into a pool, with snakes! Every act left us wanting more and we really didn’t want it to end.

The next day we checked into a new hostel then went to Versailles. The main train has stops closed for about 10 months, one of them being ours so four metros and a train later we were there. After lining up for however long, we were in. Thankfully we were able to see quite a bit of the palace but unfortunately not the gardens. There was a show on in the gardens that doubled the price of the tickets regardless of whether we were going to watch the show or not.

Whilst we did so much in Paris, there’s still a few things I’d like to go back and do and see. I’d also like to come back on Bastille Day and celebrate with the people of France rather than have it marred with attacks.


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