So Tomorrowland was nothing short of amazing! The camping grounds were packed and the set up some people had ranged from tables and common areas to inflatable pools and beer pong tables!

When we arrived we set up our new tent, at impressive speed, then explored the centre of Dreamville. There was a chill zone with a bar, volleyball area, mini soccer field and bowling area. There was a variety of food, a supermarket, bakery, butchers and lots of little shops for people to get their makeup and/or hair done or just hang out.

That night was the night of The Gathering with a number of DJs performing on the stage inside Dreamville. It was amazing. The lights were incredible and the fireworks were the cherry on top!

The next day was the first day of the festival. Unfortunately we didn’t get to all 16 stages during our stay but the ones we did go to were insane. The first one was full of fast beats and was lots of fun. After that we were off to see Australian DJ, Timmy Trumpet. He performed so, so well! Having had him perform in my local area it was funny seeing the reactions of people in the crowd who hadn’t seen him DJ with his trumpet.

After that we were off to the main stage for the last three acts of the night. The main stage is HUGE and makes the DJs look tiny. There were actors on there portraying the theme ‘Elixir of Life’ and fireworks. We were lucky enough to get on the barrier too! That’s right, front row at Tomorrowland for the opening day!

The next day, we befriended some fellow Australians and wandered through the stages with them. We thought a sex room was a fake wedding chapel which was awkward but the day was full of fun. Again, we got in the front section of the crowd and that’s right, made it front row again!

The third and final day of the festival we befriended a British guy and his Welsh friend so we had a few drinks before spending the rest of the day and night at the main stage. After two nights front row we decided to go on one of the balconies to watch the final night. We were able to have full view of the stage and dance our hearts out. As the night went on we edged closer and closer to the front row then keeping our streak going, got to the front.

This was my first festival and quite possibly the best festival I’ll ever go to. Everything was so well put together and everyone appreciated that, so everyone was bubbly and genuinely happy.

In regards to the theme this year of finding the elixir of life, don’t worry, we found it and are apparently on the road to eternal happiness.


Check out Tomorrowland pics or browse the Europe 2016 gallery!


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