Not only is Amsterdam so much fun but also really pretty. Usually when I’ve asked friends about Amsterdam they rave about the nightlife but the days here are really pretty with flowers blossoming along the canals.

When we got here we met up with our friend who I’ve mentioned in my Paris blog. It was great seeing her again and being able to spend a few days with her before she moved on with her travels and us with ours. After dinner with the three of us plus a girl we had befriended on the bus, we all set out and explored the streets and canals.

The next day we were a bit slow to get going but ended up at the sex museum. It was definitely interesting and showed a great variety. After that we found a cute coffee shop, The Jolly Joker, which ended up being our regular coffee spot.

The next day I was awaiting the arrival of my boyfriend, Mitch. Alisha, Hayden and I spent the morning at Red Light Secrets, a prostitution museum. We found it a lot better than the sex museum. The actual museum used to be used for prostitution so we were able to walk through and see how the rooms were made up, see what it was like to sit in a window then there was a wall of confessions that were a good laugh to read.

After that we went back to the hostel to wait for Mitch. It was so exciting when he walked through the door but didn’t have much time to rest as we were heading back to The Jolly Joker before going to a sex show that night.

The show was definitely interesting and something I’ve never seen before. It was weird seeing the couples have sex on stage but also talk amongst themselves, laugh and sometimes even look bored. I guess any job would get boring after a while.

The next day Mitch and I went to the Erotic Museum while the others went shopping. In the museum was Picasso paintings and work from John Lennon. There was also a pornographic cartoon shown in what looked like a kids room with little mushroom chairs and Snow White and the seven dwarfs characters throughout the room.

We then bumped into Alisha on her way to The Jolly Joker so we joined her for coffee and met Hayden there. Once we had all finished we had lunch and went to the Heineken brewery and had the ‘Heineken experience’. We were shown how beer is made and how to drink it. There’s lots of random parts to it, like a room dedicated to football, but it was a good time and ended with two free beers.

Today we said goodbye to Alisha. We don’t know when we’ll see her next but hope we’ll be able to catch up again in our travels. Once Alisha had left, Hayden went to the History and Royalty Museum while Mitch and I got lost on the way to the ice bar and settled for more coffee.

The three of us met up again at lunch time then headed off to the Anne Frank House. We waited about an hour in line but it was definitely worth it. This was by far the most interesting museum I think we’ve been to and I definitely recommend it to those planning on coming to Amsterdam. Tickets are really hard to get online if you don’t book them in advance so if you’re like us and miss out on online tickets, they can be bought at the door from 3pm so fear not!

Amsterdam has such a variety of things to offer, there’s definitely something here for everyone.


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One thought on “Amsterdam

  1. Sounds like you and mitch are getting into the Amsterdam spirit in a big way. When do you arrive in London? I’ve emailed mitch but didn’t get a reply!


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