Prague was so beautiful and had such a good nightlife, it was a good time all ’round and let’s not forget to mention it’s cheap!

We arrived in the late afternoon so we spent the night exploring the city. We crossed Charles Bridge and went into the old town of the city. The shops there were full of ridiculously shiny jewellery and cute babushka dolls, also known as matryoshka dolls, and puppets. The streets are also lined with restaurants serving delicious Czech food so you imagine the smell. Deeeelicious!

In our wandering we came across the Astronomical Clock just a few minutes before it was due to go off. It’s a beautifully designed clock with little statues or puppets coming out and passing through the windows as the clock strikes the hour.

The next day we visited the gardens of Wallenstein Palace where the Czech Senate is. There were fountains and the gardens were very well maintained. There was also some peacocks wandering about the garden too. Once we were finished with the palace, we were off to Prague Castle.

The grounds of the castle are massive and you can walk through the gardens for free which is nice on a budget. We bought some tickets that gave us limited access to the castle though and that was nearly a full day. There are plenty of packages for you to buy too so they seem to try to cater for everyone’s interests. Our tickets included St Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St Georges Basilica and Golden Lane with the Daliborka Tower.

The next day we climbed the Charles Bridge Tower on the way to the Dancing House, also known as Fred and Ginger. It was a crystal clear day and we were lucky enough to get to the top and have the view to ourselves. The view of the city was great and we got to learn a brief history about the tower on our way up and again just before our way out.

The design of the Dancing House is really impressive and something so new to me with one building leaning into the other. Not only is the structure impressive but the leaning building, I’m assuming Ginger, is just covered in glass windows.

After that we had lunch in the park behind the Dancing House then went back into the old town and found some markets on the way to the Sex Machines Museum. The markets were very cute and the museum was quite funny. It was a little pricey but it had all sorts of things inside, from contraptions to help those who are overweight have sex to contraptions that would allow housewives to enjoy themselves whilst doing the housework and of course all of this stuff was dated from a while ago.

That night we went on a pub crawl. The package we booked gave us unlimited beer, wine, vodka and absinth for the first hour. Scary stuff. It was such a good night and we got to go to four different places. We finally ended up at a five storey club and with each level having its own theme, it was as if each level was its own club. It was a great night and we met plenty of fellow travelers from around the world.

The next day was definitely a lazy day to say the least. Thanks absinth. Hayden went shopping and Mitch and I saw the John Lennon Wall. It was quite sweet with all of its messages, paintings and colours.

For our final day we climbed the Petrin Tower. It’s on a hill at a park so it was a bit of a treck up to it but a nice one. Once we got up there we saw that there were more markets on and a mirror maze just down from the tower. The mirror maze wasn’t as complicated as we had hoped but it ended with some shape changing mirrors which are always fun. Once we had finished there, Mitch and I climbed the tower. The staircase was a little too exposed for Hayden’s liking. The view was really nice and we were able to see the canals as well as Prague Castle.

That night, our final night, Hayden went to the Lego Museum and Mitch and I went to a concert. The orchestra performed Smetana, Dvorak and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. It was wonderful! The violins harmonised so well and the soloist was the best I’ve seen with extremely impressive bowing skill.

We seemed to have a taste of everything in Prague and I loved it all. I would definitely go back as soon as possible. A little tip for those wanting to go, goulash is a must and buy concert tickets the day of the show, they’ll be nearly half the original price. Ahhh Prague, until we meet again…


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