Vienna seems like a really liveable city. There was a variety of stuff to do and I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to public parks that have actually been maintained and have facilities so that might be why I really liked it.

On our first day we tried to go to the Freud Museum but because of overcrowding, it had been temporarily closed. So we had a bit of a walk around. We found a film festival that unfortunately at that time wasn’t actually showing any films but it was nice enough to see what food stalls had been set up in the meantime.

After sitting in a park for while, laughing at mothers chasing their energetic toddlers, we decided to have a look at the cathedral on the way back to the Freud Museum.

Unfortunately half of the cathedral is under construction so we couldn’t see that half, but what we could see was the typically lovely stained glass windows and prayer area, though I imagine it would be hard to pray with the construction going on.

On our way out we found a Vivaldi statue that was quite nice then we were back to Freud. Luckily the crowds had died down so Mitch and I were able to head in. Hayden had had enough of Freud at uni so he was more than happy to sit out.

The museum is located in his office. We were given an audio guide and sent around his office then into an exhibition which mainly focused on women and the work of his daughter, Anna Freud. It was interesting walking through the rooms and seeing where his patients would wait before going into therapy. In his office there were news articles that had criticised his work and the audio guide offered a sample of a debate held during an interview.

The next day we went to a cat cafe! I’ll admit it wasn’t as good as the one in Melbourne but I’ll take any chance to play with a cat. There were about five cats lounging about and they were all more than happy to let you pat them.

Once we all had had our caffeine fix, and I had my cat fix, Hayden and I went to Schonbrunn Palace. The tickets were similar to Prague Castle where a number of packages were available. The one we got was for fourty rooms and they were all so beautiful! If you’re thinking of going, this is a good amount of rooms as this took us an hour and then we spent just under two hours in the gardens. The gardens were even more beautiful, though I may be biased as I do appreciate a nice garden.

As Hayden and I sat in the rose garden and waited for Mitch to meet us at the palace, we spotted a sweet elderly woman writing a letter in the garden. We agreed that it seemed like a scene out of a heart warming movie and gave her a back story. Hayden’s trying to convince me to write a story about the lady, which will then turn into a movie of course and star Maggie Smith. We definitely let our imaginations run wild whilst waiting in the rose garden.

When we met up with Mitch, we had dinner at a restaurant that had been recommended to us. I pass on that recommendation! I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s almost directly behind the back of the palace and looks very German. There’s a massive beer garden and an even bigger hall to eat and drink beer in. We all got a schnitzel each and they were massive and delicious!

Vienna was really beautiful and the food was so good! If you’re wanting traditional food though, go to a local or traditional place. Don’t go to an Italian restaurant for a schnitzel, the guys learnt that the hard way.


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