We’ve been lucky enough to have really nice weather whilst being here. As in, 30 degrees Celsius, very nice weather!

The night we arrived we went on a small walking tour, then the group went out for dinner and back to the hostel bar. We met a variety of people, all excited for Munich.

On our first day we went on a tour to Neuschwanstein Castle, two hours out of Munich. This is one of my favourite days of the trip. The castle is actually the one that Disney based its castle off. Our tour guide had a great sense of humour, awesome Irish accent and gave us plenty of free time before heading back. He took us on a walk to a few lookouts where we were able to get some beautiful pictures before heading into the castle.

Whilst the castle has four levels of rooms, only 12 are completed, including hallways. The ones that have been completed are very beautiful though I do prefer the outside of the castle and the surrounding scenery. Once we had seen all 12 rooms we were able to swim in the lake. It was crystal clear and really deep. After walking uphill to the castle, the swim was everything we had hoped for.

That night we ended up drinking at the bar with the tour group, all of whom were staying at the hostel.

The next day we went on a tour to Dachau Concentration Camp. Again, we had a very good and intelligent guide. Also Irish. He has met and is friends with some survivors and said they have a great sense of humour, some of which visit Dachau in their striped uniform.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see everything but you’d probably have to spend a week there to do so. There was so much there. I do think of this as my favourable camp in comparison to Terezin and Sachsenhausen.

That night we went out for pork knuckle. Turns out there’s a heap of meat on a pork knuckle! It was so delicious but so filling. After dinner we bumped into the tour group from the castle and ended up going out with them to a local pub then club.

The day after was super lazy. Everything was shut so we were able to nurse our headaches quietly.

Today was our last day in Munich. Mitch went to the BMW Museum, which turns out to be closed on Mondays so he went to the showroom and had a look around there. Meanwhile Hayden and I went to the local markets and shopping then to the toy and teddy bear museum.

It was so cool seeing all the old toys and how everything has developed over time! German Barbie was very pale compared to the Barbie I’m familiar with and we noticed that a lot of baby dolls had chubbier cheeks than the ones we have at home.

Tonight, we’re off to the Hofbrauhaus. A three storey beer hall that dates back to the 16th century and is where the Nazi party held meetings. Hopefully we won’t be nursing headaches on the bus to Venice tomorrow.


Check out Munich pics or browse the Europe 2016 gallery!


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