Venice was beautiful! It’s great to be back in Italy. Funny thing is though, my favourite part of Venice was one of the islands we visited, not the main island of Venice.

Checking into the place we stayed at was hilarious. Thanks to the boys, I got top bunk which in this room wasn’t above a bed but a shelf, was at my shoulder height, lacked a ladder and when I managed to get up there it was too close to the roof for me to sit up. Mitch had three slats fall out from under his bed and we couldn’t get them back in so the two of us pulled our mattresses off our beds and slept on the floor. It seemed the more comfortable option.

On our first day we wandered into town and got lost amongst Venice, as you do. Shop windows were full of beautiful Murano and Venetian glass, from sculptures to jewelry and cutlery.

In our exploring we found the church San Maria Assunta. It was stunning and a reminder that if anyone knows how to build a good church, it’s the Italians. At least that’s what I’ve found. After that we continued to wander and admire the glass. We then came across what has been called the most beautiful bookshop in the world.

Libreria Aqua Alta is full of books and has a few cats tucked in there too. My favourite part was actually the back where a ‘staircase of knowledge’ has been made for people to walk up and admire the water.

From there we went to Piazza San Marco and in the Saint Marks Basilica. This was actually the first church I had forgotten to cover my shoulders but luckily enough I was able to buy a scarf for one euro before entering. Again, this church was really beautiful. Unfortunately everything inside it cost extra and was pretty expensive compared to the other churches so we didn’t do the extras, like visit the crypt and what not, but if you’re interested you’re able to do so for the extra fees.

After that we climbed the clock tower. We were really lucky with the weather and had a clear day so our views up the top were stunning. It was lovely being able to look out over the water and it wasn’t too crowded either so it was pleasant enough for us to have a bit of time up there and enclosed enough for those scared of heights to enjoy it.

On our way back, we went over the Rialto Bridge, again with the lovely weather, it was nice to look out over the water. We stopped at about every second stall that was set up along the way selling bits and pieces, mainly beautiful glass, where I bought myself a necklace. I just couldn’t resist!

The next day we caught a ferry to Murano where we watched a free glass making demonstration. The three euro one’s for suckers, keep walking and you’ll find the free one just down the street. As well as being able to watch the men melt the glass, colour it and shape it etc. we were talked through the whole process with it explained to us in three languages. As a monolingual person, I found that pretty impressive!

Once it was over and we had had lunch, we hopped on another ferry to Burano. This was my favourite place of our time in Venice! The buildings are all so bright and colourful, some with mosaics. We were able to wander along the canals, look at the buildings and enjoy the sun. In our exploring we found a kitten I was able to play with and a lady who engraved gold on Murano glass. Her work was stunning and unbelievably detailed and again, I bought myself a necklace.

On our way back to the dock we found a garden called Venissa that had vegetables and fruit growing in it as well as statues. At the end of the garden was a fancy restaurant and since fancy equals pricey, we just enjoyed the gardens and looked at the statues.

For those heading to Venice, I highly recommend having a day island hopping! It wasn’t too crowded in Venice but it’s so much quieter on the islands therefore less touristy and more Italian!


Check out Venice pics or browse the Europe 2016 gallery!


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