Most of Rome was beautiful, we had heard mixed things about it and apart from one area, we don’t know why people describe Rome as dirty. If you’re planning on going, go somewhere other than the outskirts of the Vatican. Obviously go to the Vatican and have a good time but if you’re after a wander through the streets then you want to go into the shopping region or the old part of Rome.

Our first day was full of walking as we explored the middle of Rome ticking the boxes. We saw the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, the Memorial of Vittorio Emanuele and a wedding. That last one wasn’t planned.

Each of these attractions were impressive and of course massive. Unfortunately the Spanish Steps actually weren’t overly exciting since they were closed but hey, we’ve seen them.

As I said, the wedding wasn’t planned, well I’m sure it was, just not by us. We stopped at one of the churches we were passing and happened to go in. As we were about to leave a bride came down the aisle so we grabbed a seat at the back and watched. Turns out Catholic weddings go for a while so we didn’t see the whole thing but it was lovely nonetheless.

We continued to wander and went to Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo and Campo de Fiori where a market was being held, Temple of Hadrian and the Pantheon which was amazing! The architecture of that time is incredible.

The next day we went to the Colosseum which was free since it was the first Sunday of the month. Anything’s better when it’s free! Surprisingly enough it wasn’t as crowded as we had expected so we were able to have a wander without getting in too many of other people’s photos… Hopefully.

After that we went to Palatine Hill, also free. It was odd to be in a city centre with ruins throughout and around it. It really reminds you how young Australia is. Amongst the ruins was the Arch of Titus and like a lot of things in that area, it was massive.

By the time we had seen all of that it was time for dinner, then after that was Cannoli! Unfortunately it was the most disappointing meal, if you can call it that, I’ve had in Italy. I hope it was just a one off since otherwise, Italy was pretty flawless with its food.

On our way home we stopped by the Trevi Fountain as we had been told that if we threw three coins into it, we would come back to Rome one day. The fountain gained three euro cents from myself and it was a great excuse to get rid of them. If it’s true then I’m more than happy to be going back one day.

On our third and final day in Rome, therefore Italy, we headed into the old part via Castel Sant Angelo. It wasn’t worth the 10 euros but wasn’t too bad. Of course the interior was really nice and being a castle/fort, it was cool to walk around but if you’re heading that way and are paying to go into the Vatican, maybe just enjoy the outside of Castel Sant Angelo. If you’re on a backpackers budget that is.

After Sant Angelos we went further into the old part of Rome which was so quaint and sweet. It reminded us of Siena so it was really nice just to walk around and admire the older buildings, churches and little restaurants as we went.

Now, we had had beautiful weather this entire time. On the walk home from dinner though it started bucketing down. Thunder, lightning, the lot. Since we were flying out early the next morning, we didn’t have time to wait and hope for the storm to end. So we scurried back to our room and got drenched down to our underwear. We’ve packed our bags in better conditions and I’ll leave it at that.


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