Mykonos was beautiful! It’s exactly how you picture the Greek Islands to be with the white houses, blue roofs and beautiful beaches. Whilst we didn’t take too much part in the nightlife, it was fun to walk through the streets as people sang and danced outside the bars.

We arrived in the afternoon via ferry. Once we arrived at New Port we were able to take a water taxi to Old Port for just 2 euro which was quicker, I’ll say cheaper than a regular taxi and more fun. It was also a great way to see all the houses along the water and on the hills.

Hayden and I spent the next day beach hopping, something we don’t really do at home. The beaches at home are pretty close but usually you just pick one for the day and since they’re so close by car, if one looks too windy or crowded, you can just drive a couple of minutes to the next one. Mykonos is like that but by foot.

The first beach we went to was Meg Ammos. We hadn’t anticipated how windy it is in Mykonos so we didn’t swim at that beach, just enjoyed the view and moved on to the next beach. As we rounded to the next beach, we realised it was windier than the first so we skipped it and went straight on to Ornos. Ornos was beautiful! Commercial, but beautiful. Here we were able to swim and lay down without the wind as it is on the other side of that part of the island. At Ornos you can buy food, rent an umbrella or lounge on the beach. We didn’t do any of that with our packed lunch and towels but the option’s there if you want to treat yourself.

On the way back we stopped at Meg Ammos again and ran into Mitch who had spent the morning battling with a SIM card. Once it started to get windy again and the day was coming to an end, we headed back for dinner. For those planning on going to Mykonos, it’s expensive. There was one place that had pittas for 3 euro though and we fell in love.

The day after, Mitch rented a scooter and Hayden rented a quad bike. Having a fear of two wheels, I was hesitant to double with Mitch but I wasn’t going to miss out on a day of fun because of fear. I clung on and surprisingly got the hang of leaning so all was well. The man at the rental place gave me and Mitch directions to a petrol station before heading off, Hayden’s guy also gave him directions to start the day. We both took off and… Went different directions.

Mitch and I filled up and went back to the rental place to find Hayden. Hayden went back to the rental place then filled up and we missed each other. Mitch and I went back to our accommodation in case Hayden had gone to meet us there, meanwhile Hayden went to Meg Ammos as we had planned to ride along the coast that day. He then went back to the rental place to see if we had gone back there but were slower than him. Meanwhile, we left our accommodation and headed to Meg Ammos, going along with the plan to see the coastline and we both missed each other. Hayden realised this meant he was on his own and went off for the day. We went back to the rental place one last time, missing Hayden, and decided we were on our own and went off for the day.

Just a reminder, Mitch is the only one with a SIM card in his phone. He messaged Hayden on Facebook and gathered that at some point through the day he would connect to wifi.

So off we went. We rode down the coast to the tip then across to Super Paradise. Yes, that’s its actual name. We stopped to look at a couple of beaches along the way but hopped off at Super Paradise.

The way down to the beach of Super Paradise was definitely daunting! It was sloped very downhill, was dirt and rocks and had very slow speed limits and this little scooter had two on it! I clung on and dug my feet into the pegs to stop myself sliding onto Mitch and sliding him off the scooter.

Once we had made it down, parked and had a lay down on the beach we then had to make our way back up. The car park had people wishing each other luck for the uphill climb with talk of passengers having to walk, something Mitch and I had also considered for the ride up. We let the cars, quads and scooters make their way up and then it was our turn. With full throttle and the two of us leaning as far forward as we could, we made it but as you can imagine, needed to top up petrol again.

We continued up the coast and stopped to check the map and take some pictures not long after getting out of Super Paradise. Luckily we did check the map because the only petrol station marked on the map for that half of the island was inland, fortunately not too far from where we had stopped.

After filling up we made our way back to the coast and to Lia beach. My favourite of the day. It was stunning! The water was crystal clear, perfect temperature and there weren’t many people there either. We had a quick dip before riding on.

We went up towards Fokos but didn’t make it all the way to that part of the coast as it got really rocky and even though I’ll admit I was disappointed I got nervous about riding through, Mitch turned the bike around and parked it on a straight for me to have a turn. Surprisingly enough, I found balancing really easy! The scooter was so much lighter than I had thought and Mitch filmed me having my first ride. I was shaking a little afterwards but had one more go before Mitch took the lead again.

We kept riding along the coastline to Ftelia then up and around to the New Port before stopping at the windmills for some pictures and returning the scooter. Hayden had messaged us by that point and wasn’t too far behind us. It was a good day had by all.

I’m super proud of myself for doubling with Mitch and even more for having a go. I wouldn’t say I’m completely over my fear of two wheels but when in Mykonos, why not? I definitely recommend getting a scooter or quad whilst in Mykonos because it’s so easy to get around the island and cheap! It was a good way to explore whilst being easier to manage on their roads than a car would have been.


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