Paros was stunning! In my opinion, it’s better than Mykonos. The beaches were somehow better, even though I didn’t think that was going to be possible, and it was less touristy making it more of a peaceful escape… And cheaper!

We arrived in the afternoon, checked in and found a place that had 2.50 euro pittas. Definitely a good start! Once we had filled up, I had a swim at the beach across the road from our accommodation. It was a quiet beach despite being on the main road, emphasising how quiet Paros is in general. At least at this time of year anyway.

The next day, Mitch hired a scooter and Hayden and I hired quad bikes. After my little attempt on the scooter in Mykonos, I was hoping to get a scooter in Paros but in the long run, I’m glad I didn’t. We all filled up then took off along the coastline. We rode up to Kolimbithres where we hopped off and had a swim. The water was a beautiful mix of blues and there was only one other small group of people on the beach. Once we had had our dose of sun and salt for that stop we rode on… After kick starting Hayden’s quad. A bit of a worrying start but we went on regardless.

We rode out to the tip of the island before turning to head back across and down it, still following the coastline. We somehow missed the two beaches we were hoping to go to but ended up at another that was very beautiful. More so than the first and was probably my favourite of the day. We didn’t know at the time but apparently the clay towards the end of the beach is great for cleansing skin which explains why people were looking a grey blue and were absolutely covered.

It had been recommended to us to stop at Lefkes for coffee on our way through. Once Mitch had kickstarted Hayden’s obviously well maintained quad again, we were off. This is where I’m happy I got a quad. I’ll admit I wasn’t happy with it and I had a rough start on it coming off the road at one point, mainly due to a bus driver insisting on overtaking me on a corner, but even so, I wasn’t happy about being ‘downgraded’. Clearly the more wheels it has, the less impressive it is right?

Well… It turns out the way to Lefkes is off-road. Not that the rental company will ever know. But yes, we rode off-road and it was all kinds of bumpy and bendy. Hayden’s quad gave out going up one of the hills but being so far out, there wasn’t a chance of us being able to go back for another one. Plus it was covered in dirt at this stage… So we pushed it up the hill, kickstarted it and rode on with him second in line so I would see if he cut out again… Which he did. Again, it was an uphill push, kickstart and onwards.

“Can you mention my prowess kick starting Hayden’s quad?” – Mitch

Once we got to Lefkes we had a wander around, looked at a church and cemetery then tried to get some food. Since it’s such a small place, there wasn’t much open in the afternoon so we kickstarted Hayden and headed back just in time for dinner.

The next day we went island hopping! It was such a good day and I really, really recommend Rofos Daily Cruises. We were taken out to crystal clear water to swim for half an hour in the perfect weather of the day. Once we were back on the boat, we were given a fruit platter full of different fruits and topped with cinnamon! We were then taken to a cove where we could snorkel, jump off rocks and explore an underwater cave. We were there for an hour and given a mixed platter for lunch with the staff making sure we were well fed.

After lunch we went to the other side of the cove where there was a cave and rocks formed in the shape of a face. We were able to take photos before being taken back but had one more stop where we could swim for another half an hour. It was a perfect amount of time on the boat and everywhere we were taken was so beautiful.

Once we were back at the port, Hayden kickstarted and we headed back through Butterly Valley. It had been recommended to us but not explained so whilst we thought we were just going to ride through a nice valley, it turned out that it was a stop that was a literal valley filled with butterflies. It was a nice little stop along the way and different from any of the butterfly houses I’ve seen in the past where it’s not enclosed so the butterflies are free to come and go.

Once we got back the three of us had cheap pittas then Mitch and I went for a ride on the scooter along the coast. He found a spot for me to have a go, which was actually harder than Mykonos with most of the roads in Paros being main roads or off-road kind of riding. We finally found somewhere that was a good balance.

It turned out this scooter was much heavier than the one I first rode in Mykonos and I dropped it when I got to the end of the road. Another little piece the rental company will never know but nothing was damaged besides my pride. Once I managed to pick it up and Mitch explained that everyone drops their bike when learning, he dusted the scooter and my pride and taught me how to put the scooter on and off the stand. Not an easy task with the weight of it but I managed.

Mitch convinced me to have one more go. I hopped on and took off down the road. I got about half way before a line of goats ran across the road. I don’t mean to brag but this time I stopped the scooter without dropping it. The farmer threw a bucket at the goats, yelled something in Greek and they let me pass. When I got to the end of the road I pulled over and with sweat and a crack of a shoulder, managed to get the bike on its stand. Mitch inspected, impressed, and I had one more go minus the goats.

Mitch then took the lead as we headed back. The sun started to set during our ride so we pulled over to take some last photos then got back to town for dinner.

I loved Paros! I wish we had one more day to get a ferry to Antiparos as they run every 20 minutes but we had such a good time exploring on land and in water. I definitely think anyone traveling the islands should have a stop off in Paros and spend half a day doing one of Rofos Daily Cruises.


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