Home, Relatively Sweet Home

So I’ve been back from my European adventure for a week. In that week I’ve battled jet lag, been to Cirque Du Soleil, graduated university and done a whole lot of nothing… And loved it!

I landed in Sydney at about 6:30pm, I think that was the right time zone, and was welcomed by Haydens’ family and my mum. Mum and I went out for dinner then back to a hotel room near the airport as Mitch was due to land the next morning. Not originally planned but with flight changes and what not, his pre-booked 27 hours turned into 32 which later grew to 45 hours without sleep.

So we picked Mitch up the next day, checked out of the hotel and found food to pass the time. Mitch had previously booked tickets for the two of us to see Cirque Du Soleil for my birthday, at that time the flight changes hadn’t happened so we didn’t plan on being so delirious but what can you do? Time passed and show time crept up. Mum went to the movies and Mitch and I slouched with our droopy heads, appreciating the show as much as our consciousness would allow.

Then there were a few days of glorious nothingness. Something I haven’t had in a long time. I started working as soon as I legally could and only stopped a couple of weeks before I left for Europe. This is also the first time since I started primary school that I haven’t been involved in some sort of educational institution. I’m sure I had plenty of free time in primary school, it was just a long time ago.

Then the day I had been looking forward to.

I graduated! Three and a half years of working and interning and studying a business diploma and studying a communication degree has officially ended! To say I’m relieved is an understatement! Unfortunately because of my workload and commute I didn’t get to see anyone I studied with outside of university which generally resulted in leaving them behind with every new semester. This also meant I didn’t really know anyone I was graduating with. Luckily and strangely enough, I bumped into an old friend who I went to high school and did a bridging course with and we ended up graduating together! This made the ceremony much more exciting and felt a lot more like a rite of passage. It was lovely having someone who started at the same time, in the same way, also get their degree with me.

Since then, I’ve met my new boss for a casual job I’m working and am making plans with friends to catch up. It not only feels like I’m catching up with them after my four month trip but getting back to spending time with them like I used to, before the craziness of work and study took over.

I’m so excited to grasp the concept of free time and when I find a full time job, to (hopefully) only work nine to five, five days a week and have every other time to do as much or as little as I choose. I’m looking forward to making time, mine.


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