Day 2: Port Vila and Mele

We started the day with a trip to Port Vila. We had a wander around a few shops, each of us bought little bits and pieces, then we ended up at the market.

The market smelt so nice! It was full of tropical fruits then led to clothes and knick knacks further on.

Having been to Bali, I had assumed that bartering would have been acceptable at the markets but apparently not. I didn’t offend anyone, mum just let me know as we walked in.

One thing I didn’t expect from Vanuatu was the prices. We knew that prices go up when cruise ships come in but there weren’t any today so prices were as usual and more than we expected. Sorry cruisers, you’re getting ripped off.

On our way back to where we’re staying we stopped off at a supermarket to stock up. It was bizarre seeing food with Woolworths branding on them, Coles and IGA too. I don’t know if it’s because Australia’s so close to Vanuatu or because Australians are common tourists but I found it weird nonetheless.

Once we had finished our shop and got back to our accommodation, we went snorkeling. We’re so lucky to be able to walk maybe 20 metres to the shore and snorkel whenever (tides permitting). The water is quite shallow for the first few metres so I was a little worried about scraping some coral but all was well and we headed out further.

The colours of some of the fish were so pretty! There were massive starfish too and Mum found a lobster, which Oliver (12) then spooked. Mum and Jordan (16) also took turns in having the dodgy pair of goggles and Oliver and I swam out so we just so happened to be too far away to give up our good goggles. Maybe next time. Maybe.

After that, Jordan and I headed into wifi as the house we’re in doesn’t get it and the rest swam in the pool. Once we’d had our dose all of us played miniature golf. Jordan was surprisingly good considering he doesn’t play, Patrick (14) seemed to tie with someone whenever he won a course, Oliver fluctuated as did Dad and Mum cheated. A lot. Turns out she doesn’t have the attention span for all 6 of us to play.

Once the game was over, to Mums relief, Patrick, Jordan and I played tennis and the others were back in the pool. Atleast Mum can’t complain about the six of us never spending time together. It’s just a shame it was golf, apparently.


Check out Day 2: Port Vila and Mele pics or browse the gallery!


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