Day 3: Blue Lagoon and Turtle Bay

Today we went to Blue Lagoon then Turtle Bay. Though I haven’t seen the movie, Blue Lagoon was a really nice colour and lots of fun. On one side of the lagoon it will cost you 500 vatu to enter or you can go to the other side for 300 vatu. The only difference we could tell was that the more expensive side had an extra rope swing. The cheaper one definitely sufficed.

Unfortunately my upper body is embarrassingly weak, which showed when I basically just dropped as soon as my feet left the wharf. No swing. No air. Just down. As I said, pretty embarrassing but so much fun.

We stayed there for about an hour before heading off to Turtle Bay.

Once there, we were given lunch then headed over to the turtles. In a small enclosure there were 9 day old turtles that were just adorable to watch. Then further down there was a beach pool with fish, starfish and more turtles.

One of the staff showed us and let us hold a 1 year old turtle and some starfish. We were also able to feed the biggest turtles that were about 8 years old.

Apparently the turtles only spend a few months in the pool before being released into the ocean, so it was nice to know they didn’t have to put up with tourists for a chunk of their lives.
Further down we were able to snorkel around some coral and deeper water where we saw some colourful fish and a couple of seahorses.

Unfortunately for Oliver (12), Patrick (14) had ‘accidentally’ left his GoPro on overnight so we missed out on some underwater pics but being able to hold a turtle is pretty unforgettable.


Check out Day 3: Blue Lagoon and Turtle Bay pics or browse the gallery!


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