Day 4: Exploring Vanuatu

We started the day with a snorkel at the beach where we’re staying. It was high tide so while the sand seemed to be stirred up a little more than usual but there were more fish out and about.

There were lots of clownfish bright blue fish and starfish. The coral itself is always nice to look at but especially in deep water. My inner child couldn’t help but think of The Little Mermaid.

After that, Mum and Dad ended up paying a local to hire his ute for a couple of days. Since it seems to be the norm for people to ride in trays, Patrick (14), Oliver (12) and I were keen to spend the day in the tray as Dad drive us around.

It was so much fun! All the locals waved at us as we drove by and we were able to see so much around us whilst and having the wind in our hair. As usual with most tropical places, a short shower occurred while we were in the back, cooling us off.

Unlike Bali, the roads here are pretty quiet, it’s the potholes you’ve got to look out for. Most of the time it wasn’t too bad on our bums but there was one time where I swear we all lifted atleast 30cm, still cross-legged, and landed with a thump!

We didn’t make too many stops as we were curious as to how long it would take us to do the loop. We didn’t make a stop at the WWII museum which was a small shed. Jordan (16) was the only one that went in as he was the most interested. For 500 Vatu he said it was mainly pieces of metal, so your call whether you make that stop. You may walk away with a better description.

Once we had done a lap of the island, which only took about 2-3 hours, we were back at our accommodation and the boys were ready to end the day with more miniature golf. Apparently Jordan won.


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