Day 5: Waterfalls and Fire Dancing

Today was our last full day with the ute so we all climbed in and went for a bit of a drive before ending up at Lololima Waterfalls. It was 1000 vatu for adults and 500 for kids, thanks Oliver! (12)

When we got in we followed our ears to water and ended up swimming with some locals. After awhile though Mum and I decided to go for a walk. On this walk we ended up finding the entry to the actual waterfall, not the end of the course. So we gathered to rest of the family and headed the right way.

It was only about 100 metres from the entry point to the waterfall and it was a beautiful walk along the waters edge.
Once we reached the waterfall we swung into the water via rope swing, and I was actually able to hold on this time!
The water was so refreshing and perfect temperature.
From where you land, you’re able to swim out to the waterfall where there’s a blow up tube tied to a rock underneath the waterfall.

Oliver and I found a track that led to the top of the waterfall. After convincing Mum we weren’t going to jump off the top, she agreed to take out photo. Thanks Mum.

We made our way back down the track and swung back in for a swim. Mum and I swam out to the tube and pulled the rope so we were able to sit in a cave under the waterfall where we watched the water flow infront of us. It was stunning.

When we were leaving, Oliver and Jordan (16) let the water take them downstream along the track the rest of us were taking. Along the way back we found another rope swing Dad and Oliver had a go of before we got back to the picnic area and stuffed our faces with watermelon.

Once our stomachs were full we headed back towards home, stopping in at some markets along the way. Patrick (14) found himself another Bob Marley top and I found another bag. There weren’t any cruise ships in so prices were lower too.

As soon as we got back to our accommodation we were basically out again as we had booked a table at The Beach Bar to have dinner and watch the fire dance.

While we were waiting for food, Patrick and I got the side of our heads braided and I can tell you right now, it hurt! Mum was telling me Patrick was nearly falling asleep because he found it so relaxing, meanwhile my eyes are watering. So I was feeling a little ripped off until Patrick told me he had his eyes closed because they were watering so much. A couple of babies we are.
We headed back to the restaurant, had dinner and found a good spot to watch the fire dance.

It was amazing! They did a mixture of local dancing to local music and modern music. They not only played with fire and danced, they did tricks on a swing and silks. There was definitely a lot of talent amongst them. The fire dance is free so I definitely recommend it, especially if you’re traveling on a budget. The dancers also said that thanks to the New Zealand owners, they are now full time dancers and able to pay their own bills. It’s always nice to see foreigner ownership benefit the locals.


Check out Day 5: Waterfalls and Fire Dancing pics or browse the gallery!


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