Day 6: Markets and Snorkeling

We still had the ute hired until midday today so this morning we went down to the port and walked around the market there. I think it was better than the one in the middle of Port Vila because of the size and variety however because it’s right on the port where cruise ships pull in, it’s going to be more expensive.

I was after a certain cut of dress that I had seen here and there but none with patterns I liked so I asked around at the different stalls that had them and found that they were the same price. I guess they’re not that competitive here. So it was basically whoever had the one I liked the most that got my money, Australian dollars I’ll point out. Nice and handy for you cruisers who come here for a day, quite a few places take Australian money.

After that we did one last grocery shop since we had the car and because shops close at midday on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays.

Once we were back at our accommodation and Dad had returned the car, it was a relaxed afternoon. Jordan (16) spent his time in WiFi, Mum read by the pool, Pat (14) and Dad snorkeled and Oliver (12) befriended the son of the man whose car we hired so they were off feeding the fish and what not.

After I had caught up on my blogs, I finished my book then snorkeled with Mum. We ended up being out there for over an hour but we hadn’t seen fish that big since getting here!

It was high tide again so a little stirred up but not too bad once we got out deep enough. I saw a red starfish that had orange and white stripes and plenty of Finding Nemo characters. There were plenty of the blue starfish laying around, looking like deflated balloon men that usually wave around outside caryards. We also took some bread out with us so we got to float above the fish while they ate, with all sorts coming out from their hiding spots for lunch.

Though it wasn’t a very active day, it was a lovely day.


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