Day 7: Relaxing on an Island

Today there was a cruise ship in so prices were up and we were without a car so we had a lazy day at our accommodation. Everyone woke up before me and Jordan (16), as per usual, so we took our time with brekky before heading down to the beach for a snorkel.

It was high tide again so the big fish were back. This time we snorkelled in a different area so we got to see different fish. Patrick (14) and Oliver (12) kayaked, which turned into them just riding waves in, and Mum and Dad sat back.

Oliver ended up playing with his new friend and obviously forgot to reapply his sunscreen because he is a tomato now! I sunbaked (slip, slop, slap kids) with a book I had picked up yesterday and ended up finishing it.

Patrick and Dad played a bit of tennis by other than that, it was a very chilled day for all. It doesn’t hurt to kick back and relax every now and then.


Check out Day 7: Relaxing on an Island pics or browse the gallery!


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