Day 10: Hideaway Island and a Party

Today is our last day in Vanuatu as our flight is early tomorrow morning. We had to return the ute at midday so we got up early and got a boat across to Hideaway Island. There were only two other families there so we were able to spread out enjoy the clear water.

Hideaway Island has a few activities like a glass bottom boat, snorkeling and the underwater post office which I had been so excited for! We bought some waterproof postcards and and scribbled on them before swimming/snorkeling out, with was lots of fish to see along the way.

Once we got out there, I noticed my snorkel had a split in one of the joints, not off to a good start but I was eager to send my postcard. As I dove down, my mask made things difficult and I was back up again to sort it out. When you’re the only girl, you normally end up with boys stuff so the men’s mask was too big for me.

Determined to send my post card, which was getting more and more smudged, I tightened the mask and headed down again. Just as I thought I had my postcard in the box, the current pushed it and it came out so I snatched it up and went up for air.
Third time lucky, I got it in the box but had some problems with my ears so it was back to shore for me.

Mum and the boys took some bread out for the fish and were swarmed as they swam with it.

I recommend going to Hideaway Island when there isn’t a cruise ship in. It’s cheaper and way less crowded so it was a relaxing trip.

We then went into the markets where Mum and I bought a dress each then to the grocery store where Mum and Dad bought some party food.

As it’s our last night and Olivers’ (12) birthday is just around the corner, we’re going to have a party for him tonight and since fire crackers are legal here, it’s going to be a blast! Terrible pun, I know, but what a way to spend your 13th birthday!


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