Day 9: Snorkeling, Views and Zorbing

With the ute still hired we drove to the other side of the island, Havanah, and snorkeled. The fish here were so much bigger than the ones near where we’re staying and the water was crystal clear. We were given a loaf of bread to feed the fish and they were definitely hungry! As soon as the bread hit the water they all swarmed and nipped at us.

Once the fish were fed, we headed back to our accommodation for lunch, after stopping at a stall and Klehms Hill lookout where we could see Hideaway Island.

Once we were all fed we went to Wet ‘n’ Wild! There are a lot of different activities to do there but we were there to do the zorbing.

It’s 5000 vatu pet person for 3 turns at the zorb and unlimited goes on the waterslide. The zorb was incredible fun! We walked up to the top of a hill, had water put in the zorbs for us to roll around in, dove in and were rolled down the hill. Oliver (12) and I went together, facing forwards, then backwards, then each other!

Jordan (16) and Patrick (14) paired up and did the same. It was hilarious being able to hear their muffled squealing as they rolled down the hill.

Inbetween zorbing, we all had a go at the waterslide and oh my, it was fast! It starts with a pretty steep drop so as soon as you’re off, you’re off! We had a competition to see who could get the furthest and Oliver won.

When we were all zorbed out, we headed back to our accommodation to collect our senses and get ready to go out for dinner. We went back to the Beach Bar where they were showing the movie La La Land on a screen on the beach. It was definitely a fun filled day finished with a beautiful film.


Check out Day 9: Snorkeling, Views and Zorbing pics or browse the gallery!


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