Weekend Escape: Daylesford, Victoria

So a childhood friend of yours is getting married 10 hours away (driving), what do you do? Make a weekend road trip out of it!

The wedding was in beautiful Daylesford on the Saturday so Mitch and I woke bright and early the Friday and hit the road. We drove an hour to Sydney and took advantage of the cheap petrol before heading on through to Goulburn. There we took some pics of The Big Merino and caffeinated. For those unfamiliar with The Big Merino, that’s literally all there is to it. It’s a big merino. Like the big prawn, big banana, etc.

From there we drove on to Holbrook and looked at the HMAS Submarine. Once we had climbed the submarine and awed at a puppy, we drove to Albury where the Monument Hill War Memorial caught our eye. Out of curiosity we drove to the top of the hill to look at the monument before topping up the tank and doing a maccas run (McDonalds stop).

From Albury we drove straight to Daylesford. The whole trip ended up taking 12 hours so we got there just after 4pm.

We actually stayed just out of Daylesford in Springbank. It was nice and quiet with the drive to where we were staying taking us through a forest so it was very picturesque, especially around sunset.

We went into town for dinner then had a bit of a wander before heading back and falling asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

The next was the day of the wedding! Given it was an afternoon wedding we had the morning to explore Daylesford and its attractions. We headed out to the Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm to find that it didn’t open until 10.30am so plan B: Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens.

We took the scenic drive around the gardens, along our way stopping to climb a tower and walk around. The tower had a wonderful view down onto the gardens which looked amazing with all of the colours Autumn brings.

Then we were back to the lavender farm. It covers 100 acres so there was lots for us to walk around and look at with lovely little gardens throughout the paddocks. We stopped at the cafe where I tried lavender lemonade, Mitch and I tried some slices and shared scones with lavender and strawberry jam. Yum!

We had a look around an old house that was also on the property. The house dates back to the 1850s and was very quaint.

On our way back to our accommodation, we stopped at Sailors Falls hoping to see some waterfalls but there was too much construction after a landslide so we were out of luck.

So we continued back to where we were staying then off to the wedding.

The wedding was in Hepburn Springs which is stunning! Unfortunately after a clear morning, it stormed just as the wedding started but hey, that’s meant to be good luck and the beautiful bride laughed it off. She was marrying her best friend after all so what’s a bit of water?

Just as you would expect, the weather cleared once the ceremony finished but that gave the bride and groom a chance to escape to the forest for some happily married pics.

After the wedding, Mitch and I visited Daylesford lake and walked a lap, stopping for pictures along the way. I can’t even describe the beauty of the sky and the colours of the afternoon bouncing off the water.

We then had dinner in a diner themed restaurant before having an early night for the drive to come.

The next day we had planned to do a loop on the vintage train that runs every Sunday and Wednesday and see the Sunday markets but it was storming so we knew the roads were going to be slow. So we got an early start.

Our drive home was less touristy but took just as long thanks to the storms so we were relieved we had an early start.

We’ll definitely be back to Daylesford but for a lot longer next time and we will definitely be catching that train!

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