Adelaide Bound

I noticed that flights to Adelaide had gone on sale and remembered I had never been, put the two together and here I am! The sale period aligned perfectly with Hayden’s uni break and with the two of us craving another trip, there was no question.

We landed and headed off to find the train. For those of you who have been to Adelaide you’re probably thinking, what train? Well… yeah. After realising Google meant a bus when it showed a train, we found the bus stop, nearly got on the wrong bus but found our way to the CBD.

The hostel we stayed at let us check in early so we went out for lunch and couldn’t walk past a pub feed. It was a good deal and I definitely felt like I had over eaten.

Once we had stuffed ourselves we went for a walk along the Karrawirra Parri River. Our flight had been an early one so after a bit of walking we decided to head back to the hostel for a bit of down time. As we got closer I came to realise that over eaten feeling I had was turning into nausea and was glad to get back to the room.

We passed the zoo and the botanic garden which we’ve agreed to check out and am looking forward to but spent that afternoon sleeping off this random wave of sickness.

Luckily I woke up feeling good as new this morning and was able to jump on the ferry to Kangaroo Island.


Check out Adelaide Bound pics or browse the gallery!


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