Day 2: Hello Kangaroo Island!

From Adelaide City we caught a ferry across to Kangaroo Island. We were able to get to the dock on a coach that took about an hour and a half, from there the ferry trip was about half an hour.

Once we arrived we were greeted by a Hertz staff member with a sign who drove us up the hill to our rental car, a necessity when getting around the island. We checked into our hostel which was conveniently next door and took off exploring!

Our first stop was the Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, unfortunately we weren’t able to go inside it as you can only do that on a tour but the view from the lighthouse was beautiful on the ground anyway so we were satisfied.

We had been told that the beach up from Seal Bay sometimes had sea lions and is free so to go there first. After having a look around, we unfortunately couldn’t spot any so we drove around to Seal Bay to see how much it is. Now, if you’re a student then your ID is a must, it’ll bring the price down from $35 to $13!

We were a little disheartened by the beach but headed down the boardwalk towards the water. We were so excited when we discovered at least 20 sea lions! It turns out that sea lions are good climbers so some were up near the boardwalk. I definitely recommend Seal Bay, apparently they’re there all year round and they were just adorable!

Once we had overdosed on cuteness, we went to a eucalyptus distillery and cider brewery we had driven past. Once we walked in we found that the lady at the counter was closing so of course we turned to leave. She was very adamant that we stayed, gave us eucalyptus lollies and put on a DVD about the history of the place. Once that finished she led us around the shop showing us different oils and creams. Unfortunately we weren’t able to do any cider tastings because the kitchen is being renovated. She then showed us some kangaroos and we were on our way and she was almost done for the day.

From there we went to a honey farm where we tasted different types of honey from bees that had used different flowers and some amazing honey ice cream. After buying the ice cream and some honeycomb we went downstairs where there was a DVD about the place and a kind of hive set up where you can watch the bees and look out for the queen bee.

We got to the car, checked the map and picked Kangaroo Island Spirits, a distillery. The distillery is mainly known for its gin but also does vodka and liqueurs. We tried their most popular gin without a grimace, the main ingredient comes from Macedonia and it was so refreshing! I then tried the lime and ginger liqueur, limoncello and the orange and ginger liqueur. As you can guess I have a soft spot for ginger and the liqueurs were delicious! There wasn’t any syrup taste which was a refreshing change and what we found made the tasting so pleasant was the lacking pressure to buy. Definitely a stop off if you like a good drink.

We had a great start to our stay on the Island and found there’s generally something for everyone with lovely, hospitable locals.


Check out Day 2: Hello Kangaroo Island! pics or browse the gallery!


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