Day 4: A Zoo and a Garden

We spent the morning making our way back to Adelaide from Kangaroo Island, unfortunately too soon. Kangaroo Island was so pretty and we wished we had of booked just one more night. Once we made it back on the ferry and then the coach we went back to the same hostel we had spent the first night and were able to check in early. From there we went to Adelaide Zoo!

The zoo is pretty much in the city so we were able to walk there (don’t forget that student ID). We arrived just in time to watch the hippoes have their lunch. For whatever reason, it seemed like every school in Adelaide was having an excursion to the zoo but with some good navigation we were able to dodge the tantrums.

On our way around the zoo we did notice that quite a few animals had passed away leaving enclosures empty. These deaths all seemed natural so no suspicions there, just a shorter time spent wandering around.

We didn’t make it to any shows as the only one we could of had time for was the Australian Birds but we both agreed we had seen a kookaburra before and weren’t too fussed about it.

Once we had seen all of the remaining animals, my favourite being the big kitties, we made our way out to the botanical gardens.

The gardens were beautiful! I seriously envy cities that have a great amount of nature throughout them and especially the university that is just next door. What I would have done for a park like that near my uni…

Throughout the gardens were greenhouses, fountains and displays as well as cafes that we were too late for but we hadn’t gone there for coffee so all good. It was so nice just to walk around and see all the different areas. I attempted a ‘Toyota jump’ in an area where leaves were piled on the ground to later find a rude word spelt with the leaves, oops.

For dinner it was China Town! It smelt amazing as we walked through finding a restaurant we wanted to eat at, we found one down the end that still had some tables available and had some satay. Definitely a good day in the city.


Check out Day 4: A Zoo and a Garden pics or browse the gallery!


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