Day 5: Little Germany

We ended up in Germany! Well, kind off. Hayden and I spent the day in Hahndorf. It’s just under an hour from Adelaide by bus and is so cute!

We started the day at the Adelaide Central Market eating fruit samples and drinking tea samples. The food there is so fresh and includes baked goods as well as fruit and veg so I definitely recommend it if not for a meal, some snacks.

We then arrived in Hahndorf knowing it was going to be scenic and remind us of our stay in Germany/Switzerland/Austria but weren’t sure if it would live up to our expectations. As soon as we stepped off the bus, we were full of excitement! There are three bus stops along the main road, get off on the first and walk your way up. Not only does this assure that you’ll see the whole street but there’s a fudge shop at the first stop that’s the cheapest on the strip and so, so good.

The street is basically one big heritage walk with German food, wineries and breweries with places doing free tastings. You can literally hop from one place to another trying their sweets, sausages, cheeses and more!

You could probably do it all in half a day but we spent a full day there admiring the buildings, scenery and rolling around to tasting after tasting. The further end of the street gets pricey, especially for lunch but still check it out.

I definitely recommend a day trip out to Hahndorf to anyone who is staying in or near Adelaide. I had been told about it but it was so much better than I thought it was going to be and my description does not do it justice!


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