Day 6: A Sleepy City and a trip to Gaol

Today didn’t really go to plan… We had hoped to start the day at Central Markets indulging in coffee and oversized cakes but arrived to find it shut. Feeling pretty disappointed we looked up where another market would be and set off to find it was also closed.

It being a Sunday, we were surprised nothing was open. Nothing. I know that trading hours change on Sundays and that’s fine but I expected Sunday Markets or at the least, a cafe. After some Googling we found that Adelaide wakes up on Sundays around 11, if at all.

So after walking to South Adelaide we turned around and made our way back to Adelaide CBD. It hit 11 just as we made it back to the main area and found a bakery that was starting the day. We had hoped to have a lazy day at the park but clouds were rolling over so outdoor activities were ruled out.

Then we were left with the delemma of Adelaide being a ghost town on Sundays, speaking of ghosts, the gaol! So we checked and double checked Adelaide Gaol was in fact open on Sundays and eagerly set off en route.

We arrived to find there was a small group of people but that was about it so we basically had the place to ourselves. We bought our tickets (student ID was put to use again) and were given an introduction by a volunteer. He was really well informed and gave us some examples and scenarios such as prisoners only being allowed one visit a fortnight but if the person visiting was late, that cut into the visit time or if it were raining and the prisoner didn’t want to stand in the rain for the visit, they’d have to wait for the next fortnight.

From there we followed the map and went from room to room looking at displays and cell set ups. The staff had told us the ghosts were out so with the gloomy sky and basically being the only ones there, it was a little creepy but really interesting. Along the walls of one outdoor section is the graves of those who were sentenced to hang in the gaol. On the back of the map was a list of the people buried and what their crime was. There were a lot of unfortunate wives in those days by the looks of things.

Once we had seen all there was to see (some sections were under construction) we made it back to our hostel through the rain. We ended up spending the afternoon in the hostel because it was raining and Adelaide doesn’t function on Sundays.

The gaol does all sorts of tours including self guided tours if you’re like us. Their night ghost tour would be great but communicating with ghosts is a door I’m not willing to open.


Check out Day 6: A Sleepy City and a trip to Gaol pics or browse the gallery!


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