Day 7: Where the River meets the Sea

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day whereas today was nice and active. A 27km bike ride kind of active. Our hostel, and a few other places throughout the city, has free bike hire so we figured we would do the ride to Henleys Beach. Neither of us really ride at home so we decided to hire the bikes on a weekday to avoid weekend traffic. If you’ve read my previous blog you’ll understand why we needn’t worry.

So we hired the bikes and attempted to ride on the road in the bike lane which was kind of daunting but once we got to the park it was all go from there. Well, sort of.

The bike trail is beautiful, runs alongside the river and is mainly flat so it’s pretty nice to just take your time and embrace the scenery. There are a few dips in the track but nothing major however Hayden’s bike wasn’t a fan and its chain would get stuck. The grip on his peddles had also worn so his feet would fly up when he needed them to stick the most.

I, on the other hand, had a perfectly fine bike and was able to just take it at a leisurely pace and pull over here and there for photos and for Hayden to catch up.

Because of Hayden’s bike and of course, sore bottoms, the ride took longer than anticipated so when we reached the beach we just had time to sit and have some snacks before having to ride back. The bikes we hired had to be back by five and we legally couldn’t ride them in the dark because they didn’t have lights so with neither of us wanting a fine, we turned around to make the two to three hour trip back. Of course if you have perfectly functioning bikes, it will take a lot less time.

Even if you get a dud bike and aren’t determined to make it all the way to the beach, there are plenty of picnic areas to stop and have lunch. Definitely take snacks and there are plenty of bubblers along the way. The entire trip was beautiful, excluding a couple of sections of construction, and there are plenty of playgrounds as you ride so if you’ve got little ones and don’t want to ride too far, no need to worry.

Hiring a free bike is super easy, accessible and of course cheap! A definite must for backpackers or for families wanting a cheap day outdoors.


Check out Day 7: Where the River meets the Sea pics or browse the gallery!


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